2016 is the year to up your Selfie Game!

Allan Dixon is on top of the animal selfie league table… if there was a table.

The Irishman is travelling the world, taking incredible selfies with the locals.


🌞🎄🎅🎄Merry Christmas!!🎄🎅🎄🌞 I wanted to say thank you all so much for your kind messages and comments over the last few days. I’ve tried to read over them all and will take the time to respond to most of the questions that people have asked over the next few days. I’m here down in Australia for Christmas and this quokka wishes you an AWESOME Christmas! Some people have asked how did I manage to make this into a lifestyle or a job if you will. A lot of my travel is done with the aim of helping or collaborating on a project in content marketing. It was all a slow process of figuring out how to help people in showing off the best qualities of a location or experience. I would then share this for free to the people that needed it, until I could start making a wage for the help I provided them. While focusing on that I was talking selfies with animals for the last two and a half years until someone noticed, and then shared the collection. In essence anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it. But it takes time and consistent hard work with many ups and downs to make it. On the bright side you’ll enjoy the time spent doing what you love to do and wake up excited each and everyday to do it. So now, it’s time to start doing what you love to do. Start off small and reach out to try help people that do what you love to do. #merrychristmas #Christmas #selfie #animalselfie #DaxonsAnimalSelfies #Perth #perthlife #animalsco #bestanimal #westernaustralia #thisisWA #rottnestisland #rottnest #lovemyrotto #quokka #quokkas #quokkaselfie #igcutest_animals

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he is currently in Australia, meeting the usual suspects and taking some incredible selfies along the way.



Definitely one to follow on instagram!


The face of this quokka after I told him how awesome you are. Keep being awesome! 😃🐻 #quokkaselfie #quokka #quokka #rottnestisland #lovemyrotto #rottnest #thisisWA #australia

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He has spent some quality time on Rottnest Island and its Quokkas. A Popular Day Trip from Perth, Western Australia.


Have an amazing weekend! I’m off on some new adventures with @websummit. Pity I can’t bring the dog. #selfie

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He has created some amazing photos and we guess some amazing memories for him.



Although he isn’t advocating everybody go jump in front of wildlife with their camera. Travelers “should be very careful as to not upset or provoke the animal when they’re trying to take the photo,” Dixon told Bored Panda. “Gain the animal’s trust in a calm relaxed manner, and the results will be golden.”



You should be careful before jumping in front of wild animals, check out this National Geographic guide on how to be safer.




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