The No. 1 rule in Backpacking

Everybody wants their 15 minutes of fame but for a certain backpacker who’s story recently went viral he’ll be hoping people will quickly forget his antics.

He broke the number 1 rule in Backpacking – Keep in touch and don’t scare your parents

Emily Jacobs / Facebook

Emily Jacobs / Facebook

An International Man Hunt was launched after Jordan Jacob left an obscure message with his parents and then went unheard from for days.

Social media went ablaze recently after Jordan Jacob’s sister Emily sent out a plea on her Facebook page for anybody that had seen the Brit, who was last seen 4 days prior on the backpacker favourite Koh Phi Phi in Thailand: “Any information no matter how small you think it is could be huge. Any sightings or potential sightings. Any contact. Anything.”

Emily Jacobs / Facebook

Emily Jacobs / Facebook


More than 6,000 people shared Emily’s post and numerous international news sources posted the story – The Guardian | The Daily Mail |

This fear was sparked by his last chat with his parents – Emily told MailOnline. “Saturday morning my mum received a message via Facebook from my brother which basically said he can never see us again, that he is sorry he can’t see us one last time, that he loved us,”

Emily Jacobs / Facebook

Emily Jacobs / Facebook

He has since been found alive and well on Koh Phi Phi and told The Telegraph that he was just ‘chilling out’ and ‘having fun’ whilst his parents feared for his life. His mother was even planning on postponing her radiotherapy treatment for cancer to fly to Thailand to search for her son.

He was due to return to return to the UK for Christmas after travelling around for a year but seems to have made a very bad judgement call when explaining to his parents why he wanted to prolong his trip – A fictitious kidnapping

Dont forget it is just over a year since David Miller and Hannah Witheridge were brutally murdered on a nearby Island and of course making up some kidnap story is going to cause great concern for his parents – What was he thinking?!

He has since posted on his Facebook page: “I’m fine my parents are just over reacting because I said I’m not coming home… and haven’t had internet for a long time stop worrying.”

Jordan Jacobs / Facebook

Jordan Jacobs / Facebook

and yet He still hasn’t spoken to this family. Emily told Mail Online ‘We’ve not even spoken to him” surely the first thing you do is call your parents? although I’ve never made up a kidnapping story so Im not entirely sure how i’d react.

There is one thing you should never do whilst travelling. Never ever ever leave fearful and obsure messages with your parents then go awol probably because you’re being selfish and partying too hard.


Emily Jacobs / Facebook

Emily Jacobs / Facebook

Of course his Sister didn’t know he was alive, his entire family feared for his life for a week, whilst he was probably getting boozed up, to care free to keep in  touch after his last message. It takes 10 seconds to send a message.

He told the telegraph ‘I didn’t have a phone charger for a couple of days so I had no idea this was all going on as I hadn’t checked the internet.”

‘It was only when I woke up this morning that I saw it all over the internet. I thought “bloody hell, it’s all gone crazy.”‘

His excuse that he hasn’t charged his phone for a while, is a Joke – I’ve spent time on Phi Phi its a major backpacking hot spot and there are loads of places to buy phone charges, new phones, free wifi everywhere and internet cafes – he’s clearly had plenty of chances to get in touch, he was just having too much fun to care.



We do all want everyone to enjoy to their trips and come back safely but do just hope this doesn’t have a “cry wolf” effect if somebody else goes missing.

We’re happy for his family and hope his parents give him a slap!

Don’t forget the number one rule in Travelling; Don’t be a Dick

Keep you in touch with you loved ones, let them know your plans and never, ever, ever get drunk and send messages like this guy did then go AWOL



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