Avoid the Mistakes Even the most experienced Backpackers Make!

Even the most planned trips can go off rails, if you happen to fall into one of those common travel traps. Here are some of the top “How Not to Travel” tips to make the most of your holiday!

Not keeping enough window between connecting flights

A lot of people think having 40-45 minutes between flights is okay, but in large airports, the gates could be far apart that may take more time to catch the next flight. Thus, keep at least an hour and a half between connecting flights. It may seem like a waste of time, but it will be worth it than having to miss a flight and having to return back home.

Booking cheap hotels in suburbs when travelling to a city

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Yes, you will save money on accommodation, but you will spend equal amount of money in transportation and visiting the city centre where all the action will be. It is recommended to go for an expensive hotel near the main city hub and you will not just save money in travelling, but will be able to explore more places than you otherwise would have. You can also travel back to your hotel for a small nap in the afternoon before heading out again in the evening.

Trying to do too much –

A lot of people just want to spend one night in one city and then move on to the next destination for one night again. By the time, you are done unloading your bags and checking into an hotel, there will be little time left to do anything. Allot a minimum of 3-4 days in every major city you travel to. This way you will have time for simple pleasures such as checking out the famous cafes or even relaxing on the beach. The same thing goes for planning a lot of activities. It is not important to see all the famous places in a city. Wandering around and exploring new places will be invaluable.

Not being honest to themselves

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Most people take suggestions from their families and friends about the various places to see and activities that they would want to indulge in when travelling. There is no problem in listening to them, but it doesn’t mean you have to do them. instead, sit down and think about the things you really want to do and prepare your own itinerary. Most people make the mistake of planning their trip according to what most people would do rather than what they would want to do. It is your trip, create new experiences for yourself!

Taking too many selfies instead of the background –

When travelling, you may take as many selfies as you want to, but do not post them all on your social media account. They will only capture your face and not what’s behind you. Instead, showcase the place you are in and capture the beauty of the place that will inspire other people to travel there. Also, you will be able to refresh your memories when you go through those photos 3-4 years down the line.

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Are you guilty of making any of the above mistakes? Remember, the next time you are travelling, listen to yourself and do what you think is right for you! Only then will you be able to truly enjoy it, it is supposed to be fun after all!




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