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When we are on vacation, it is quite easy to get carried away. When it comes to budget conscious traveler, this can be a big issue after returning home. If you have made the effort to save on flight tickets and your hotel stay, it would be a shame to ruin everything by overspending once you arrive to your destination. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you to spend within your budget –


Your budget is going to depend on the destination you are going to. If you are travelling through Europe, you will need a larger budget than what you would need if you are travelling to a South East Asian country. Thus, it is important to choose an affordable destination that you can afford – Do your research and make to find a suitable budget beforehand and make sure you can afford it.

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  Flickr / Matthew Hurst   Once you have decided a spending budget for the trip, it is important to work out your daily budget. Clearly mark out how much you are allowed to spend on a particular day, while allowing a little leeway in case of an emergency. By keeping to your daily budget, you will be able to ensure that your funds do not dry out quickly.  

For all you peeps who witnessed my crazy minimalist diet/inability to do anything that cost money, my quirky, caffeineless shift work personality and my lack of wardrobe sprucing for the past 5 months… I am so happy to say I have, officially, paid off a ginormous bill!!!! Thank you SO much, for enduring with me, buying me groceries ;), dropping off thoughtful gifts, keeping my foggy mind focused at work, understanding when I had to work every day, filling my sparse spare time with cheap fun and just being the usual, amazing people you all are!!! I could not have done it without your support, understanding and presence in my crazy life!!! #budgeting #grownuping #thestruggleisreal #truefriends #youknowwhoyouare #success #bringonthecaffeine A photo posted by Amber McGlone (@amberdawnmcglone) on

When it comes to travelling, we all at some point succumb to the pressure and buy items that we really can’t afford. It is thus, essential to set rules and stick to it even before you depart. But, this doesn’t mean you cannot treat yourself once in a while, but ensure that your budget allows it in advance. Another important thing that people forget while on vacation is tracking their expenses. It is important to note down all major purchases and ensuring that you are on budget every night before retiring so that you can plan your next day accordingly – even if you’re just simply noting down every time you raid the ATM this will help you monitor your situation.


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Before overspending, it is advisable to think twice. While many people think that they will spend today and they’ll be cheap the next day, but frankly, this doesn’t work and will only leave a huge hole in your wallet. It is very easy for people to become complacent and ignore any budget they have prepared while on holiday. Thus, it is important to review your budget and your expenditure every night so that you do not return home with large credit card bills.

When we are on holiday, it is easy to just forget that we have a life once we return home. There are many people who spend lavishly and way over their budget on holidays, only to regret it once they return home. If you are carrying your credit card, it is best to use it only when it is important.

Don’t forget you are on holiday so you should be enjoying yourself, just keep a slight control on your spending!



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